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Friday AM Quick Tip Round-Up

As 2014 draws to a close, here’s a look at the top Friday AM Quick Tips of all time. These are tips that I use the most and/or were the most popular.

Friday AM Quick Tip #10: You’ve been fed a lie and here’s what to do about it

Friday AM Quick Tip #26: Cheap, yet worth every penny (Why everyone doesn’t use these amazes me)

Friday AM Quick Tip #38: Test this lone ranger

Use one of these for the test

Friday AM Quick Tip #54: Don’t give up until the clean-up crew arrives

Friday AM quick Tip #77: Super easy drip acclimation

Friday AM Quick Tip #94: Mess-free nori feeder

Friday AM Quick Tip #97: One quick way to improve your testing accuracy

Links in this video:

Friday AM Quick Tip #114: How I get new arrivals to eat quickly

Friday AM Quick Tip #119: Ancient glass cleaning method that works really well

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  • Antonio Gutierrez says:

    Without the Friday AM Quick Tip, how will we know it’s Friday? 🙂

  • bill bush says:

    Not quite sure why you are ending such a great resource such as this but hopefully you will replace the Friday quick tip with something better

  • Damion says:

    The 8.3 pH tip, must be coupled with the knowledge of your alkalinity being important to keep between 8dkh and 11dkh.and where your pH falls with the correct dkh doesn’t matter all that much. Most sps guys like 9dkh. CO2 scrubber into your skimmer air intake can help those who keep a tightly closed up house.
    Thanks Mark

  • Adam says:

    Thank you Mark for all the quick tips over the years.

  • mark m. says:

    great series hate to see it go. and I also enjoyed the evolution of the hair cut. thanks mark…

  • Simon K. says:


    These Friday morning quick tips have been such a novel idea in the saltwater hobby, it’s gonna be tough to see them go.

    A big thank you to Mark Callahan!

    Simon K.

  • Ed Brennan says:

    I can’t wait to see your new tank how much longer is it going to be. I thoroughly enjoy all your tank videos. Thanks Ed.

  • ska d says:

    still using that nori trick. and many other tips that you have passed on. thanks for the tips. cant wait to see what your going to do next.

  • Chris S says:

    Hey Mark, I love the quick tips and have learned quite a few things watching them. I like the idea of a “Wednesday Write-Up”, perhaps going into detail on a few new things and tech equipment for our hobby. Also interested in hearing what has been going on in the legislation world that could kill our hobby. My wife and I spoke to you about that at the Denver MACNA Con.

    Thanks for all the hard worl and sharing your love of the hobby.


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