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Friday Morning Quick Tip: 2 Important Steps When Receiving New Fish

Adding new fish to your saltwater tank is excited for you and it can be stressful for the fish. Here are two important steps I follow whenever I get new fish to help them transition easily. NOTE: I quarantine all new arrivals for at least 30 days and I highly recommend you do as well.

Step #1: Welcome Them Without Shocking Them

Step #2: Help The Fish Start Eating

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  • Lane Walld says:

    Hi Mark,

    Recent scientific studies have found that some species of fairy wrasse, and likely many other fish, are perfectly capable of seeing red.

    The “red light trick” may need revised it seems.

  • Ned says:

    If you recommend 30 day quarantine for new fish, how do you dump hundreds of live brine shrimp from a LFS into your tank? Do you dump the bag including the LFS water when feeding?

  • Ned…I only buy live brine from places that keep the brine away from any contact with fish. This way I’m minimizing the risk of a fish infection coming in with the brine

  • Ben Stribley says:

    Hey Mark. When will we be getting some new videos rather than recycled ones? All the best. Ben

  • David says:

    So here is a quarantine question…..
    I have QT tank setup (bare bottom 55 gallon with pvc tubes in it). I want to get a sand sifter for my DT (Yellow headed sleeper goby or the like), but how do you QT them if there is no substrate (or critters)for them to munch on?? Would also like to get a dragonette, and have the same questions. Any ideas?

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