Mr. Saltwater Tank

How to Pimp Out a Saltwater Tank

Some people pimp out their cars, this guy chose to pimp out his saltwater tank in true reef junkie fashion. Dave Burr of Vivid Aquariums, the builder and designer of this system, guided my tour. That means I got to see every detail and understand the logic that went into the choices.

To say the least, I learned a lot and have TONS of new ideas for my next build.

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  • Ian F. says:

    I can’t stop drooling! Wow, amazing! Do you know what the total cost was for a build like that?

  • Rob says:

    Hey Mark,
    That was a cool ride even from my computer. : )
    This is what I’d like to see you put in your bucket, an interview along with a guided tour of one of the the most respected reefers ( reef junkie ) ever. His name David Saxby owner of a 1200 gallon reef tank ( understatement ) this thing is gorgeous.
    *Think of what it would do to your ratings * ; )

    As always Mark thanks for all your hard work, it is greatly appreciated by myself along with all of your other followers.


    Rob Melo

  • Ian…I didn’t even ask.

  • nadeem says:

    Amazing 🙂

    My dream tank…. Can’t make this big but atleast can try half of this….

    Awesome work Dave 🙂

  • Daragh says:

    Wow wow wow. That’s just amazing.

    Hmmmm how do I inform my wife that we need to convert the garage??lol

  • Murat says:

    Nice and clean…

    Is there a building thread of this tank somewhere online?

  • David says:

    We can all dream , just need lottery win lol

  • Leonardo says:

    Hey Mark , speechless ,Now you see a tank like this, How far do you think are you willing to go???

  • Dennis says:

    Wow Mark! You are covering some absolutely stunning tanks. Very much appreciated. You are VERY good at what you do.

    I was wondering how often he changes out all those filter socks.


  • Dennis..thank you for the complement.

    I’m not sure how often he changes the socks, but I’m sure he has a stash of them that he rotates through!

  • Leonardo…I’m confused on what you mean by “how far you willing to go” Do you mean to film a tank or me building my tank?

  • David…can’t win if you don’t play

  • Murat…not that I know of.

  • Daragh…show her the pretty fish to distract her while you wall it in!

  • chris says:

    Very AWESOME!

  • Ed says:

    Awesome! Dave helped me with my 125 gal build and I’m extremely happy with it and his store is the best

  • Joe says:

    Mark I LOVE your website you ROCK!!! I use word press and started my own blog please visit my blog it’s nothing compared to yours but I would really appreciate it thanks!

  • Curtis says:

    how many tanks do you have? what are you employed as?

  • matt says:

    This is nothing compared to the tank David Saxby has.
    I would Give an arm and a leg to see the inner workings of his tank!!

  • Paul says:

    Wow!..that tank cost more than my house + 2 of my cars combine! LOL…

  • stev says:

    HAY! Rob you r wright dave saxbys tank best i have seen. Never seen so many fish all together out side of a real reef top tank……..Mark should do a piece on him and his tank.

  • I’m ready to profile his tank whenever he wants to fly me over!

  • jacob says:

    how thick is the glass?

  • jacob…this tank is made of acrylic and I don’t know the thickness of it

  • Jason says:

    How was the refugium and other reactors connected to the main system?

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