Mr. Saltwater Tank

In A World Of Aquarium Crime, There Is A Man For The Job

In a world of frequent saltwater tank offenses, there is a man who is up to the challenge…just don’t let him come looking for you because he always gets his man.

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“br00000ta” (ensigeetard) / CC BY 3.0
“Propellerheads Record Test” (Andy Shinn) / CC BY 3.0
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  • Alex V. says:


  • Joe says:

    LMAO Too funny!!!!

  • I wonder what the people in that neighborhood thought when you jumped outta the Tahoe…. lol.

  • Brian…people were slamming on their brakes and slowing WAY down. Next time I’ll give the police a heads up about what we are doing b/c it sure looked…fishy!!

  • YoYoFargo says:

    I find it funny how as soon as I was done with my post, asking for a reef advocacy vid on your last blog entry, this pops up. HA!

    Good job Mark!

  • colin says:

    lmao great keep them coming lol

  • Chris Kennedy says:

    a funny and good show.

  • Richard Lee says:

    Back in the day, I use to run with this rough gang of 40 gallon breeders. Tangs, rays, triggers… one guy had a 18″ panther grouper in his. We were young and arrogant – no one could tell us what to do. One day I was trading my clown gobies for a pair of mature bamboo sharks to turn my breeder into the “utlimate shart tank.” That was when I new that I had hit bottom and needed help.

  • Richard…haha! Where were you when I was writing the script…Hmmm…ideas for another show…hmm….

  • Richard Lee says:

    🙂 Nice tang btw!

  • Eric A. says:

    HAHA. Too funny Mark. Thanks for the laugh man. You had me crying i was laughing so hard.

  • Erik Baerresen says:

    Hey Mark,
    First off I just want to say I look forward to watching your shows everytime I get that email. Looks like you had a lot of fun making this previous show, I noticed recently the shows don’t seem like what they used to be, as before it was geared more towards the educational aspect and now it seems more like a lot of hype for such little education. I am not complaining, just wanted to point out the fact you had a 6 minute show for probably 20 second worth of education. I still hope to continue watching, regardless of the material, it’s still entertaining

  • Chris says:

    lmao…. too bad you didnt throw his but in that tank…lol

  • Matt says:

    I had no idea where that was going till the end! 😀

    Great way of getting the message across… Tangs are a reefers drug addiction… Almost everyone wants one but not everyone should have them!

    Cheers for the chuckle… My little lass was a tad disappoint that her fancy man wasn’t in the show more… 😉

  • Capt. Smitty says:

    Bet you had fun making this!

  • Reef says:


  • Reef says:

    Very interesting way to get a point across!!

  • Jeanette Brantley says:

    @Erik B… Even at university one gets breaks between classes(not to mention the partying!)… @Mark… way to go!!! Next thing we know, you’ll have a Tang Police reality show on Animal Planet!

  • Donnie says:

    LOL, that was pretty cool. Great humor to get the message across. Looking forward to getting the crime down in Tennessee!!!!

  • marco says:

    question – how did you get the tang out of the sexy tank after this skit was over? been trying to net feed my tang for removal for about four months with no luck. any other ideas? really don’t want to have to remove all my LR and setup to get her.


  • downwarddawg says:

    Great job Mark. That was pretty cool.

  • ReeferHead84 says:

    ” who are you guys?”
    ” TANG POLICE! “

  • glenn says:

    really nice but where was the flash bang smoke etc jk but great show 🙂

  • Kyle says:

    Dude, That is Hilarious! LOVE IT! Very Nice Mark! Keep those videos coming! Nice Job!

  • The Berrier's Reef says:

    Uhhh, I would like to fill out an application to join the elite group they call the TANG POLICE. Mark, PM me the appi.

  • Robert Thom says:

    I love it! your always working on a new video aren’t you? awesome job

  • John says:

    This is great, loved it…I have a friend I would love to send the tank police to his home

  • Best laugh I’ve had in weeks. Keep up the funny stuff Mark!

  • mike says:

    That was so funny Mark. Thanks for taking the time to give us a good laugh.

  • marco…I had to remove all the rocks. The one I had likes to hide so I had no choice.

    A fish trap can work too.

  • Erik B & Jeanette…I have to walk a fine line between educational shows, product reviews, trade show coverage and informative shows. It is always good to hear feedback from viewers as it helps me steer my direction for shows.

    Jeanette….people don’t party in college anymore…that’s what I’m going to tell myself for the next 17 yrs before my son goes to college.

  • Tony says:

    lol, funny stuff mark!!

  • Erik Baerresen says:

    Mark… They really don’t party in college much, I’m in my junior year

  • Erik Baerresen says:

    I really hope you don’t think I was complaining, I have learned more from your previous shows than I have learned in 5 years of searching forums and getting advice from the fish store. I guess I’m all about the education seeing how I am in finals mode, thanks for the feedback, your shows are great!

  • Brandon says:

    Lol, that was awesome.

  • Steve V says:


  • Dave says:

    That was funny. I thought sending the gal in was a stroke of genius. Tank guys love to meet women that keep tanks. LMAO

  • Byron says:

    Great laugh!

  • devin says:

    Funny! Cops meets tanked meets dog the bounty hunter!

  • Jackson Vandenberg says:

    i got the shirt it rocks! You should keep making those funny shows

  • Jackson Vandenberg says:

    I have a 57 gallon tank could a purple tang go in that

  • Joe says:

    I took my yellow tang back to lfs today i had her in my 28gallon nano cube and the only reason i had her was for a hair algae problem i was having and did what i said i took her back after the problem was fixed so i think mine was a minor offense i under stand i could of got a lawn mower bleny that would have probly done a better job But yellow tangs are cooler lol

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