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Local Fish Stores vs. Local Reef Clubs: Is One Better Than Another?

In dealing with a dilemma, I had an interesting thought. Here’s the link to the video

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  • Billy says:

    Hi Mark, Not sure if you have ever addressed this annoying issue…overflow tank noise!!! I finally broke down and installed a stockman standpipe I built to help with this, amazing result. Now I can hear the humming of the new annoyance, the pump I could not hear because of the gurgling in the overflow box. Mission accomplished right? Not quite, now I am having this uneasy feeling that a clogging issue would cause a major problem. Have you addressed this issue in the past? If so, what solution did you go with to silence the tank?

  • Billy says:

    FYI-follow up…180 room divider tenecor. 2 1″ drains. constructed the standpipe from 1″ pvc outer diameter. The tank is 24″ tall and the water level is now 1″ below the teeth of the overflow box.

  • Brooke says:

    Hi Mark,
    Spot on with your thought about local fish store versus Reef Club. My local store in SoCal would rather sell me whatever I asked about then ask what is it for and that includes additives or equipment not just fish. My initial thought was they assume everyone is an expert but that could not be further from the truth. I would think by asking a couple of questions it would lessen the return of an angry customer. Does anyone have good customer service anymore? It is few and far between but when I find someone that goes the extra mile I am ALWAYS loyal to them and that includes if their price is a little higher. I would love for our local store to host a “Newbie” night or frag swap but that would require some extra effort and I just don’t see it much anymore. I would love to hear someone have the other side of this question and tell us their store is different but I think they will be few and far between.
    Keep up the great work my friend and THANK YOU!

  • Fergus says:

    Hi mark i’m 9 and am looking at setting up a saltwater tank and would like some advice so email me at speak to you soon by!

  • SeanBe1983 says:

    Hi Mark,
    I really need your help. I have a 75 gal tank that to say the least has givien me alot of problems. With time and alot of money i have been able to get the tank where i want it. But where my biggest problem lies, is that for some reason i keep breaking my power heads. I was hoping you could point me the drection of what you feel is the best. Wheater just a basic powerhead is good or if I should invest in a wave maker. Please if you could can you let me know what the best is?

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