Mr. Saltwater Tank

Mr. Saltwater Tank Covers Reef-a-Palooza New York

When the largest saltwater tank trade show in America invaded the Big Apple, I brought my camera crew along to catch all the action

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  • Richard says:

    Synergy Reef has copied Reef Savvy’s Ghost overflow

  • Greg says:

    Great video Mark! Are they really planning to come back to NY in 2016?

  • Richard…Synergy was a co-designer and the original fabricator of the Ghost overflow. Reef Savvy and Synergy have amicably parted ways and each have their own version of the “ghost”

  • Greg…RAP will be back in NY in 2016

  • Rob Reinahrdt says:

    Saw you at the show but you were busy pacing back and forth going over your lines so I didn’t interrupt you lol. Did get my arm in your video though. Great show but its in New Jersey not New York ! lol

  • steve from England says:

    well once again this is depressing for us here in the U.K. we dont get anything like this over here

  • Darren Capon says:

    Wow I wish they would do these sorts of exhibitions down here in Australia, the stuff that you guys have over there, its near on impossible to get down here, well done Mark realy enjoyed looking at this video.

  • I went to Reef-a-Paloosa Orlando, Florida. I looked for you, and you weren’t there.

  • Edward didn’t see me at RAP Orlando because I wasn’t there.

  • Pierre Bouic says:

    I would seriously like these companies to consider shipping to Australia, direct orders taken online, as any importers to our country charge HUGE amounts to the customers down under. So jealous that we don’t have all this stuff available .

    Thanks Mark great video

  • Carlos Maldonado says:

    Great video Mark! saw you there even took a picture with you i came out of there like a fat rat bought 10 frags great prices also bought some raffle tickets won the jebao power head switch and a bucket of salt I heard they are coming to California I’m down here now visiting my Son but I heard they are coming on October 10 or the 11 I think but dam!!! I leave back to the missus on the 6 man I’m bum well hope they come back to New York rrrrrrrr I mean jersey PS: saw my self in your video guess I’m a tuber now LOL!!!

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