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Mr. Saltwater Tank Friday AM Quick Tip: How To Help Your Tank Sitter Succeed

When it’s time to leave your tank behind, make sure your tank sitter is setup for success with this quick tip

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  • That Guy says:

    I’m torn on filter socks. I only use them if I have a lot of particles in the water column. I tend to think they cause more trouble than good when used constantly. I feel they keep food from reaching the sump creatures, and if I put one on the return, I fear it blocks copepods from entering the display.

  • Buddy says:

    I think filter socks are OK if you have a heavy loaded fish tank, otherwise I don’t use them.. My tank is more coral then fish so I use about 1lb of Chaetomorpha Algae in a 30-gallon settling tank ahead of my refugium so it does a good job of filtering particles.

    However I agree with Mark if your leaving on vacation and have someone tending your tank while your gone, PULL the SOCK’s and keep a friendship..

  • That Guy says:

    I agree with buddy regarding the chaeto acting as a filter. Mine does the same thing. Works good for the coral banded shrimp I have in my sump. I see him picking at it all the time.

  • Jason says:

    Another good tip…make sure the person watching your tank knows they are reusable and to not to throw them away!!!! I had someone watch my tank and he had his son help out. I get back and all my extra filter socks were missing…his son threw them away for some reason…I was NOT happy

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