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Mr. Saltwater Tank Friday AM Quick Tip: Mostly Equal, Yet Still Should Be Kept Separate

These two types of corals are some of my favorites and I recommend you keep the separate. Here’s why.

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  • Matt says:

    Good tip Mark!

    Is there away to eliminate invasive palythoas so they don’t over shadow the smaller zoas that I want to thrive?

  • Alex Degnim says:

    Mark, I have a big colony of peachy palys that i would like to eradicate. How can i get them off the rock? They are shading and smothering my sps. Please help

  • Phil Daigrepont says:

    Good morning Mark, this is Phil from Ocean reef in Kenner Louisiana, I hope you remember me. If you get a second would you be kind enough to give me a call I have something to talk to you about. 504-338-9083 Phil

  • David says:

    The funny thing is that more often than not the Palys will spread regardless of where you initially put them and develop a kind of equilibrium with the spread of the Zoas. It looks nice

  • Karl says:

    Zoanthids are completely capable of growing tall like palythoas. I’ve personally had eagle eyes grow two-inch stalks (after being moved to a shaded area by an urchin)! The fact that palys often outgrow zoas has more to do with chemical warfare than shading.

  • Pierre Bouic says:

    I don’t want to give any advice on Paly eradication but all I know is DON’T HANDLE them people, they are extremely toxic. Paly-toxicity is lethal and in the most minute amounts can kill you, it will get into pores which can be transferred to your mouth. Cuts & scratches are at risk of direct infection according to what I’ve read, so rubber gloves or avoid touching is recommended.
    I have had some beautiful Zoanthid gardens that get just 1 Paly button pop up in a bare patch, and that’s it for the Zoa’s future even if you behead these buggers, good advice Mark.

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