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Mr. Saltwater Tank Reviews the Hydor Slim Skim

Protein skimmers have a mixed track record with me. I’ve owned horrible ones and I’ve owned great ones.
So when I saw Hydor (a pump company) introduce their line of slim skim protein skimmers, I decided I’d see how good a pump company is at making skimmers by putting one on the sexy tank.

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  • Mike says:

    Hey! Where is the video?
    Youtube said it is private!

  • Tom aka Wahya says:

    There is a pill you can take for that!

  • MILIND says:

    🙂 HEHEE…. must be something very good as you as too eager to publish it…

  • Andrew says:

    Grown, heterosexual men with a lisp should never use the word “sexy.”

  • Ted says:

    Thank you for the nano love! I’ve been debating between a slimskim and an aquaticlife. Thank you for helping me decide!

  • rick says:

    how would you compare it to the Tunze 9002 skimmer,
    I have that in my rsm34 and its pretty noisy not to mention it always has to be adjusted?

  • James Butler says:

    In the video you mention the “Slim Skim” for tanks up to 65 Gallons. Taking the +1 philosophy into consideration, what would you recommend as the largest tank the “Slim Skim” is truly suited for? Thanks and another great video.

  • Matt says:

    Wow that’s a great looking bit of functional kit…

    But Mark… you shouldn’t be pinching your lads bottle cleaners to clear out skimate!

  • He’s off bottles now Matt so no big deal!

  • I’ve had a 9002. Both skim about the same in terms of color of skimmate and production. The Tunze’s magnet can’t be removed so you are stuck with its larger footprint.

    One big thing the Tunze has over the Slim skim is that the tunze has no air tube coming out of the skimmer. The Slim skim has an air tube that connects to an air valve at the top of the skimmer.

  • I’ll remember that when I grow up Andrew!

  • Yep…If you order the slim skim through this link: and use the coupon code “MRSALTWATERTANK” then you will get 15% off your slim skim!

  • Cliff says:

    The slim skim is great for a small tank but what do you suggest for a larger tank. I have a 180 gallon tank with a 125 gallom sump. Right now I have a lifereef skimmer which seems to work ok but how do I know what’s the best skimmer for that size of system?

  • Thomas Han says:

    mark – really want to get this, but i’m starting a 75g and this would be too small, right? what +1 skimmer would you recommend for a dabbler like me that is as quite as this hydor slim skim? thx in advance!

  • Pat says:

    What skimmer were you using before that was making the noise in the video?

  • Thomas Han says:

    thx for the 15% off code, i’m gonna order this skimmer for my 55g tank

  • Devin says:

    Thxs for the review Mark….funny i was looking at getting one recently and now i am deff getting one for my 20L. Look forward to listening to u at seamax!!!! R u gonna have time for autographs? Btw great show love ur stuff…

  • Mike says:

    Mark, which decibel meter app are you using on the iPhone?

  • Lucas says:

    Do you by chance know if the up to 35g slim skim will fit in the biocube compartment #2?

  • Saltwater fish boy says:

    Do you know anything about the ATI bubble master skimmer??????:) I can’t find anything on the internet and was hoping you know anything about it. love the vids. fish tank idol. definitely in the top 3 favorite tank zone.

  • Patrick says:

    Hey Mark, love the Solana man. I just got mine up and running and wanted to get a skimmer for it. Would the Hydor Slim Skim fit in the back or would I need the Nano? Only a few bucks difference I was thinking why not go with the bigger one? Any help would be awesome, thanks man.

  • Hendrick says:

    Hey Mark I have a 20 gallon long tank and i was wondering if buying this skimmer would be a good investment.

  • nicolas says:

    hi mark ,

    i wish you an hello from france where you are really popular
    my question is , did you finding the same quality for the nano version ?
    We are poorly provided but i founed it ….

    thank’s ,continue to be fun and informative
    “any resemblance to an illiterate would not be a coincidence”

  • Luchi says:

    Hi Mark,
    I am beginner in terms of salt water tank, I just need to know if Hydor Slim Skim Protein is ok for my 50 gal tank, and how many lbs of live rock do I need for it, I’m planning to have a fish w/ live rock with few plants and maybe 2-3 plants and reef

  • Jordan says:

    Hey Mr. Saltwater tank, just wondering if you can give me some insight on the hydor slim skim, how does it work? air stone? or powerhead? as well as the recommended water depth, can not seem to find this info anywhere. Thanks a lot 🙂

  • Roberto says:


    I would like to know what is the water column to this skimmer ?

    I want to add one in my nano but I need to know if this skimmer will fit in my sump

    Best Regards

  • Jay says:

    hey mark, how far down do you have yours in the water?

  • Stefan says:

    Hi Mark

    I got the Hydor SlimSkim (big version) a week ago, but the surface skimmer doesn´t work. Do you have any idea why not? Maybe the pump not strong enough……

    Best regards…..Stefan

  • Tom De Meulder says:

    Hi Mark,

    A question i am thinking of lately, is there theoretically a “best skimmer spot” in a reef tank? I mean i have a hang-on skimmer but i am not able to get my skimmer pump to take water after the overflow. So the 3 overflow compartments are not used or only my return pump sits there. My skimmer takes water from the display area on the opposite site of where the overflow is. Could that cause any problems? This question is keeping me busy for a while! The original skimmer is broken and the chamber for the skimmer is actually a bit to small for any other skimmer. I have a better one now but maybe it is not working efficient enough in this way i don’t know.

  • Mike Mueller says:


    I am running the Slim Skim Nano in my new biocube (center chamber) but I am getting a ton of micro bubbles into the display area. The BioCube does not have baffles to trap the bubbles, any suggestions?

    Also what water level shoud the skimmer be running at? To the grill work at the top of the skimmer?

  • kelly says:

    If the slim skim doesn’t fit into the first chamber of the Solana AIO, then what did you do in that first chamber, with the skimmer in the 2nd? Do you have pics?

  • Lee says:

    Hi Mark,
    I am beginner in terms of salt water tank, I just need to know if Hydor Slim Skim Protein is ok for my 50 gal tank, I’m looking to hopefully have a heavy stocking in the tank as I go with SPS and LPS corals. Would this handle a heavy bioload do you think or would extra filtration or different skimmer be a better option still in the planning and reading as much as I can at the min would appreciate your input

  • Lee…I’d opt for the full size slim skim or the Hydor 9004.

  • Dr W says:

    I am thinking of getting one but would prefer to keep it in my self contained tank. Do you know the minimum inches above water that is necessary?

  • and says:

    Howdy are using WordPress for your blog platform? I’m new to the blog world but I’m trying to get started
    and set up my own. Do you require any coding knowledge to make your own blog?
    Any help would be really appreciated!

  • ryan says:

    how long did you have the skimmer and have you had any problems to date?

  • Ryan…i believe I had the slim skim for 2 years. It’s performance was on-par with small in-tank skimmers. Just make sure you keep it clean and inspect the pump for blockage.

  • Eddie says:

    Does color help a skimmer perform. Clear vs bright colors? What about a Tunze 9415 for my nano 20 with sps and heavy bioload?

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