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Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Covers MACNA 2012

Each fall, the Marine Aquariums Conference of North American, aka “MACNA” roll around and each fall, reef junkie, reef enthusiasts and tank dabblers travel far and wide to attend.. Why would they do that? Because of the wide variety of vendors in the trade show halls, livestock on display and educational lectures as well.

I was at MACNA 2012 to give a presentation on how move a saltwater tank, and to bring you full coverage of what I saw including a joke I played on two friends.

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  • Matt says:

    Oh boy…. been waiting for this… 😀

  • Mark H. says:

    Great footage Mark, please give us more…. 🙂

  • Matt says:

    That was absolutely brilliant… Informative and fun… Remind me not to play any practical jokes etc. on you any time in the future… I’d have handed over a pico and as many pumps as I could find in a heartbeat! 😀

    Can’t wait for more… But MORE importantly I can’t wait for the UK Apex controller… Have we got a date on these and is my test version in the post yet?

    Cheers for the laugh Mark… Thanks to the girls for making it happen… 🙂

  • Nils says:

    As always, great video.

    I think you miscalculated the 6500 gallon. To make it more impressive: it’s not 2,271 L, but about 24,500 L!

    Anyway: It’s big allright.

    Thanks for the presentation.

  • Harry says:

    Does MACNA ever come to Canada?
    What was in the buckets under the photos of the coral (12:32)?
    Where do you get your t-shirts?

    As always…very informative

    I like my fishies with TARTAR sauce.


  • Lucas says:

    Great video. Every year your MACNA coverage video gets better!

    Harry, he gets his T-Shirts from Glennz T’s

  • ska d says:

    hi Mark, wondering if neptune will offer a camera that is plug and play. and it would be cool to have an in tank camera. if thats possible. only watched half the vid, got to go to work. some reallly cool stuff coming down the pipe.

  • kevin pluk says:

    i noticed the calculation error as wel. I assumed he was a factor 10 to low.

    Anyhow. Great to see the Apex comming to Europe. Just wondering about what it will cost.

    Mark, i know you are a busy man. And i know you got an apex guide. But can you tell me, why should i buy an Apex over an Profilux (commonly used over here because it’s one of the few EU controllers that is widely available.).

  • Gavin says:

    How to pick up women in fish store?
    How come the link is not working?

  • Sorry Gavin…I forget to setup the link. It works now:

  • ska d says:

    +1 on the tartar sauce. Nice ladies at the beginning, Mark you are the Gene Simmons of the fish world. Haha.

  • ska d…Gene Simmons?! I don’t have the hair to pull that off, but I do have the moves.

  • Jamie says:

    I think the Gallon to Litre conversion is wrong for that big A$$ reactor… just sayin 🙂

  • is incorrect and YouTube doesn’t allow for updated video files.

  • Adam says:

    When will the new Apex goodness be available? That web interface looks great. And I would love to have a webcam on the tank. Will it be a firmware upgrade for existing units?

  • Adam..the firmware should be available very soon. Upgrade to the new interface will be done via a firmware upgrade so existing users can get it.

  • Adam says:

    Sweeeeeet! Looking forward the the what they come up with for the Android App. Aqua notes gets the job done, but there is room for improvement.

  • Harry…MACNA has been to Canada twice.

  • Mark H…I’m working on it. I have to my carpal tunnel a night off!

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