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Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday AM Quick Tip #42: Felt is So Last Year

You’ve got 2 choices and I’ll make it easy for you.

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  • Omar Morsy says:

    u keep one in the sexy tank?

  • Matt says:

    Nice tip Mark… I was just about to buy some filter socks and wasn’t sure…

    Would you say there is any difference in quality between brands?

    Best methods on washing them?

  • Adrian says:

    Great Tip… I’ve been using mesh socks and was thinking of switching to felt… not any more…

  • Bobby Brackett says:

    I use the mesh ones and clean them every three to four days. You can buy five 4″ x 8″ for under $20 at Grainger if you or someone you know has an account there.

  • Sean Huber says:

    go on and thell us more frome your secrets.

    Regards from Switzerland

  • vinny says:

    Hi mark,there’s a filter milk sock for cow’s that come in a pack of 100 and come in various sizes that fit perfect over the down pipe and only cost about $8 from an agricultural store,they work really well,thanks for the tips and keep them coming,kind regards,vinny (Ireland)

  • Mad Hatter Reef says:

    Great Tip. Mark didn’t you do a video on “How To Clean Filter Socks” awhile back?

  • Tony Viviano says:

    first I want to say sorry for putting my Q&A on your facebook page. I just needed some help with my 75 gallon saltwater tank, on 8-19-20011 my powder brown tang was swimming fast very fast to the point it was hitting the rocks and slamming in to the sand and 2 days later I lost my Blenny it just lade on the sand gasping. I checked all the levels PH8.2,Ammonia-0,Nitrite-0,Nitrate-10PPM. but the temp was 82.5 degrees and the salinity .025/.026. this is a fish only tank. I canged the water and lowered the salt levels to .021 and the temp is now 77.5 degrees my other fish are looking much better now… Can high temp and high salinity levels kill fish or kill oxygen levels. and what else can happen to the tank’s water. Thank you for all the tips and you time: Tony Viviano……

  • Thanks for the tip Vinny!

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