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Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday AM Quick Tip #45: Like A Cattle Guard, But Different

Don’t let your ‘stock get hurt when it goes a-wandering.

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  • Matt Allen says:

    I was wondering about this problem… Are we talking a course grade foam as I imagine anything else would impede the flow rate?

    Zip tie’s (cable tie’s) ok to attach I assume?

    Cheers for the tip… always worth a minute of my week without doubt 🙂

  • Danny E. says:

    Slightly off topic, but i recently bought a beautiful frag of a Pink Binds nest, blue hermits have knocked it over and ate 1/3 of the SPS and has turned white… :(…. any chance of survival?

    I also bought a MarineLand Powerhead, (400) [for a 20g Long], and the next day, the tank is pitched white! cant see the other side, my guess is the sand dust has picked up and went everywhere, what can i do to clear it up without harming the fish, (without cutting circulation) HELP! :,(

    And yes I will most definetly buy a sponge for the powerheads and filters for my upcoming anemones!!!

    —Thanks MARk!!!—

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