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Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday AM Quick Tip #49: Work it! Work it!

Strike the pose and document it!


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  • jack says:

    Man I need a good camera, every-time I get ready to spend the money I always by something else for my Rimless Reef instead! Damn you self control, damn you.

  • Matt Allen says:

    That’s a really simple yet wonderful idea… A bit like keeping a baby album for your tank… 😀

    Hmmm… I think I know which album’s going to get the most pictures and I can see me being in trouble again… 😛

  • Devin says:

    I do this and it’s really to have I like doing videos of my tank on YouTube really cool mark!

  • Brian Davis says:

    Haha! I take photos all the time (: Ooh! Wait! I think it grew another Angstrom!…click. . I can’t help myself. I just got my first few SPS corals and already I’m seeing itty bitty growth patterns emerging! I am going to make a digital journal now! Thanks buddy!!

  • Mad Hatter Reef says:

    Thats funny this is the Tip of the week just last night I was watching a timelapse video on the growth of coral. It was a great video.

  • Kevin says:

    Tip for those people with digital SLR (and advanced compacts).

    Don’t use the light the camera says. Usually the picture is better when the camera says there was a little to less light. For some reason the camera cannot measure the aquarium light correct.

  • There are now 2 things I look forward to on a Friday. That’s the start of the weekend and your Friday AM Quick tip. I have have to say that my weekends are not the same now that I have watched all your videos. Learnt loads and have implemented some of your ideas and have some great ideas now for when I get my upgrade tank early next year.

    Looking forward to your next video.



  • J-P says:

    Documentation is very useful but having a bunch of pics isn’t necessarily “fun”. It just is taking a bunch of pics. Outsiders would consider watching grass grow more entertaining.

    Adding a ruler or some type of comparison to the image proves VERY useful when taking the photos.

  • Byron says:

    Great tip Mark!

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