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Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday Am Quick Tip #62: Chop It Up, But Keep It Inside The Box

I’m all for letting this stuff get chopped up as long as you follow the quick tip.

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  • Mark H. says:

    Great tip Mark.

  • Murat ONER says:

    My tang never eats Nori, how can i train him?

    Great tip btw thanks…

  • Murat…have you tried different color Nori? Mine won’t eat green Nori and will only take a couple of bites of brown Nori.

    Red Nori? Well that’s another story. He attacks the stuff like you saw in the video

  • Murat ONER says:

    I will try that Mark thanks..i dripped some fatty vitamin supplement today but still no attempts…

    He’s also very shy, just come out his hole for food…never wanders around, in the tank for half a year…

  • Roger Bius says:

    I usually add nori just after I fed them some flakes or pellets. That way they’re not quite as aggressive in ripping it up. Another trick is to carefully roll the nori into a small tube about the diameter of a penci and about 3 inches long. This helps to prevent them from ripping off large sections. It helps to let the nori sit in a humid area for a few minutes first. That way it doesn’t break into pieces when you’re trying to roll it up.

  • Scott Bromley says:

    my powder blue tang is the same wont even look at green only red :s

  • Kovy says:

    Looks like your RBTA moved! Hope he didn’t kill anything on his little hike…

  • Matt says:

    That’s a very handy tip… Couple that with the clip on a line and your away… 😀

  • Jeanette says:

    Great tip! I use my magnetic glass scrubber to hold mine. Guess I’m just too cheap to buy a ‘real’ clip. 🙂

  • Dan says:

    I hate turning off my return. When it comes back on the bubbles it makes blows saltwater all over my lights reflectors. Is there a way around this? It’s a t5 fixture about 6″ above water.

  • Dan…if you don’t have loc-line on your return line then I’d get some. Loc-line helps direct the water coming out of your return pump where you want it so if you are getting splashes on your fixture you could simply push the loc-line down under the water more.

  • Dan says:

    My return does have locline. No matter how deep I point it I will get spray as bubbles purge and rise when the return kicks back on.

  • Rich Jones says:

    Hi Mark ,
    Thanks for all you’re shows.
    I have a quick question I have a reef tank about a year old and currently use a filter sock with floss in ,a skimmer ,phosphate beeds and carbon in a reactor , is it possible I could be stripping to much out of the water?
    I test for mg dkh and calcium but none of the other trace elements .
    It is a mixed tank with soft corals and lps no sps.
    There is never a reading of nitrate and phosphate is “0.04 To 0.08”
    The tank has Dsb and algae in sump .10%water change every 3 weeks
    With my set up would you recomend other trace element test and which ones.
    Also is the sock and floss essential or could this be taking too goodness out off the water .
    Thank you for the help

  • Mferru says:

    Hey Mark, Thanks for the tip. How about if i set different areas also of Algae on clips? Do you think that will help with aggressive eaters also? The aggressive eaters cannot get to all spots at once. Thanks for all your tips Mark. Take care.

  • Mferru…that is a good idea and could help. I still be the aggressive eaters still tear the nori off the first clip they come to.

  • John M. says:

    Our local Asian grocery carries shredded nori that all my algae eaters seem to love. It is ripped into little shreds and I have yet to see anyone refuse it. We have 3 Heniocha Butterflies, 2 Yellow tangs, 1 Hippo tang and a few wrasses that all take to it.

  • robert says:

    The reason you get all that splashing is because your water drops too much, there are two ways to go about it .

    You can instal a check-valve on your return line, or you can just find a small dosing cup, maybe even a 2 liter soda cap and put it over your return line outlet. Once you turn off the pump it will create a suction and stop water flow, once pump turns back on it will push it out of the way and float.
    I use this all the time , i always turn off return pump and most of my power heads when feeding anything , give everyone more time to eat and food does not go to wast in sump

    Hope this helps.

  • Guy says:

    I take a small rectangle of Nori, say 1.5″ x 2.5″ and cut strips in it but leave it attached at the top. Kind of like one of those fliers you see on a bulletin board with the phone number you can tear off. Then I put that in my clip, wet it a little to soften before sticking it to the glass.
    This keeps my tang from ripping off one giant chunk

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