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Mr. Saltwater Tank Visits The Steinhart Aquarium Philippine Reef Tank Part 2

Making a 213,000 gallon reef tank look great requires a lot of t.l.c., but also a lot of equipment. In part 2 of my Steinhart Aquarium tour, Richard Ross shows me the equipment needed to make the Philippine reef tank at the California Academy of Sciences look great. And there’s of course lots more shots of the tank…

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  • Matt says:

    WOW OH WOW … I didn’t think part two would be that much more amazing to watch than part one … But it was just fantastic …

    Brilliant … Great to see all the gubbins that make it work and to get some perspective on the feeding and the stocking of coral … I wonder what a frag swap with these folks would be like … 😀

    Thanks for bringing that to us Mark … I hope the people that make it all work are suitably proud of themselves as they really should be 🙂

  • Marty says:

    AWESOME video, Mark!

  • Mark H. says:

    WOW, Mark that was awesome.
    Are you sure you don’t need a spare cameraman, I have my GoPro camera and will travel…

  • Rick says:

    Great job Mark! This was a fascinating and inspiring piece of reporting.

  • Alex says:

    Ok Mark…… just upgraded to the 375, don’t even think about it

  • rick king says:

    WOW +5

  • DeeFromBrooklyn says:

    I would be a janitor in that place just to see that system evryday

  • Jack says:

    I saw you at reefstock I was gonna ask for autograph but I had know idea how busy you were gonna be. You put a heck of a lot of time into this show and I am very impressed. It makes me appreciate your show that much more. I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to get an autograph but I went ahead and did the next best thing and walked in the background when you were overby the PE Mysis booth. I think you should make a behind the scenes episode and introduce us to your cameraman he looked like he was working really hard. I have to ask is he in the hobby to or is he strictly camera man.

  • Bradley Dunlap says:

    One of the coolest things about the Steinhart Aquarium is you can take a tour of the behind the scenes which is really cool. You even get to see their salt mixing tanks as well as their formula. It is a crazy tour and well worth the time and money for any reef enthusiast. Even my wife really enjoyed it and took almost 100 pictures.

  • Trevor says:

    Awesome talk about a dream tank and job :)))

  • Hai says:

    Would love to visit this one oneday, btw you should visit the only sps n clam aquarium in Long Beach, CA it way better than this one, but not as big as this one, who could resist a full grown sps tank.

  • jeff walder says:

    i remember in 2007 going to ocean adventure in subic bay philippines
    it was absolutely fantastic and there dolphin show is connected right next to the ocean only a small perimiter seperating the dolphins from the ocean
    then you go outside and you will see monkeys on the side of the road
    when you are leaving, a real eye opener.
    regards jeff.

  • kristen says:

    It makes me wish i had a tank that big and beautiful!

  • Thanks Jack. My camera guy isn’t a reefer, but his son has a freshwater tank.

  • Alex…why not? I have room for another couple hundred thousand gallons!

  • John L. says:

    Great videos as always! Was that salt Morton’s? Very interesting, indeed.

  • Richard L says:

    Excellent job Mark! I’m bummed that I was in SF last year and didn’t even know about it. Got to go back now.

  • Andrew says:

    How did they aquascape it?!? Or is it fake rock?

  • Alexander t says:

    I really want to go see that aquarium. Well off to mix salt

  • matt ziemer says:

    I’ve been waiting to see part 2. Awesome as expected. Going up to SF in the Fall. Gotta make some time for the Steinhart.

  • Chris says:

    Ive been following your site for awhile now and i have learned alot. I am wanting to know what guide i need to purchase that covers dosing in detail. I currently have zoas mushrooms and 2 candy canes. Everything is doing great but I am wanting to get into SPS Corals. Can you please let me know what guide I need to learn about growing SPS Corals. Thanks

  • issaic says:

    i was just there!!!!!!
    to bad i didn’t see you.
    hay mark did you check out the biosphere?

  • Matt says:

    I’m going to be in San Fran in July! Thanks so much for this video tease. I can’t wait o see it in person. Any additional recommendations or tips?

  • Matt…allows way more time than you think you’ll need for enjoying the tank. You can easily get lost in it. Also make sure you are there during and right after a dive show. Right after the show is when they feed the fish the mysis as I showed in the video.

  • keith says:

    I saw this tank in construction on Tv on one of the cable shows in the last few years it was impressive then with the curved observation glass but now its absolutely amazing
    Thanks for the videos

  • Mike Mueller says:

    Thanks for the second part Mark…was really cool to see the whole system that you were able to share with us!

  • Geoffery says:

    Hey Mark, In the first video it was mentioned that they do a censes once a year to see how many fish they. Did you get any more information about how that censes is conducted?

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