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Mr. Saltwater Tank’s Coverage of MACNA 2011

Iowa might be known for corn, but for 3 days in September 2011, saltwater aquariums were all that could be seen for isles around.

Correction: The clownfish fins that are black are the pelvic fins, NOT the caudal fins like I said in the video.

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  • Mad Hatter Reef says:

    Very Cool stuff… wish they would get these shows closer to the Northeast. I would love to go to one of these expos.

  • Mark H. says:

    Thanks Mark for the update, can’t wait till MACNA comes to the Northeast also.

  • Bob says:

    This is just pt 1 right?

  • Chris Graseck says:

    Um… Those were black pelvic fins on the clowns.

  • Chris…thanks for the heads up. I got that wrong. And YouTube doesn’t let me upload a new version!

  • The Berrier's Reef says:

    Great vid as usual Mark! Keep em’ coming! 🙂

  • Steve Gale says:

    Thanks Mark. Great footage. What was the name of the tank viewing lens at the start of the clip?

  • Viral Shah says:

    I can absolutely understand what that arab guy must be going through as i stay in india, i have to do the same stuff what he dose. I travel to singapore for getting corals and other equipments or tell my sis to get it from USA (SC) when she is visiting home but unfortunately she comes 1ce in two years. im looking forward to visit MACNA next year as iv just got my 10years visas last year. there are very few reef hobbyists here in my city mumbai(bombay), but we still manage some how. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and giving us info on reef tanks Mark.

  • tauheed says:

    cool vid callahn,
    proud that Adnan is my friend and i live in Saudi Arabia.!
    i am n Indian n adnan is from Pakistan!#
    @viral shah-absolutely true,its at least easier in India to keep a reef tank (i guess) than over here,in Saudi there are hardly few marine shops.and 85% of the stuff we get is imported.or we Dive-catch fish-quarantine them-and tank them.Corals like SPS and LPS are always imported.but its a die hard hobby for a person loving it.In India (i visit every year)i know many people involved in marine aquariums in southern parts like Chennai,Kanyakumari, Bangalore, Cochin…”!
    marine dealing is a good business in southern India..!(i don’t know about north)but some of the native corals are illegal to keep(except if they are imported with license).in India Chennai has a very good market for marine tanks.

  • Viral Shah says:

    Yup, ur right. chennai and entire south india has more hobbyist but mumbai (bombay) is a really busy city like newyork and has very few marine shops and even fewer shops that sell corals which come like once in 6 months. the worst part is you dont get additives and filter media like GFO etc. so everything i have to buy in bulk from singapore so that they atleast last me a year or more. JUST CANT GIVEUP NO MATTER WHAT. lol.

  • tauheed says:

    buying in bulk is a real advantage.!
    visit Chennai or Cochin sometimes have a look at the marine market there too.
    who is your supplier, viral?
    any website?.name?

  • Viral Shah says:

    i buy stuff from reef depot singapore they have a website too but its really cheap if u go there and buy, i order online only if i wana buy a few stuff. i do both. i dont buy stuff from chennai coz singapore is cheaper. as far as corals, i try to get them directly from singapore or locally if they are for cheap. coral prices are really high here but i guess if ur buyin from chennai its still cheaper than mumbai. USA is the only site iv come across that sends stuff to india. have just ordered a few stuff recently lets see when i recieve the products.

  • tauheed says:

    i thought Chennai is cheaper….
    i we also order coral from there.but mainly its the tank media from Singapore.
    well keep in touch.!
    are u on facebook?

  • Viral Shah says:

    yup i am.

  • BobbyT says:

    you’ve been releasing so many videos lately its like Christmas! keep up the great work

  • tauheed says:

    @Viral Shah
    whats ur e-mail id?

  • Adnan Mumtaz says:

    Thanks Mark for the coverage, I was really honoured at MACNA 2011, met a lot of experts gained a lot of knowledge, I will advise everyone who is really a addict in this hobby should visit MACNA to keep yourself updated. I hope I will be able to make it next MACNA.

    It was really very difficult to setup my reef tank, I am still struggling to buy corals, I went to Dubai 2 weeks ago just because I was told that the LFS has a shipment of corals coming when I reached there everything was already sold out:) Now in another 2 weeks another shipment is coming in Qatar with corals and I am going there too.

    Here in Saudi Arabia no one import corals, one LFS here in RIyadh did import only softies a few times but not something a reefer is looking for.

    I buy everything online from US stores at then ship them here paying more than the cost of the original item purchased, but what to do as I said we are addicts 🙂

    Tauheed I am trying to gather people online and then arrange a meeting before starting a club, explore and find out reefers and let me know.

  • Angel says:

    Mark greay video, I was wondering if with the new panoramic light if they are able to be controlled from the apex or apex jr. In the video you asked and I think the rep kind of beat around the bush in answering your question.

  • Irfan Manzoor says:

    Great coverage Mark! as always up to the mark bro…

    I agree with Adnan and Tauheed, that surely its a bit hard to get things in the middle east but comparing to KSA, in the UAE I would say its a bit relaxed. Just need to do some hard searching and I normally do manage to get things from here and there.

    Just recently I’ve found a new store in town who claim that they import corals regularly every two weeks, (a shipment is due this Friday)… I’m gonna check them out and see whether they stand up to it or not.

    Guys you can get in touch with me on RIRFANM@AIM.COM… I would love to create a community and discuss and share our experiences and help each other in this beautiful Hobby…

  • Adnan Mumtaz says:

    Hi Irfan, I was in Dubai last month twice to buy a few LPS from Dubai (Pets Plus) No one in UAE brings things I need for my SPS dominated mixed reef tank, and in UAE they hardly import SPS corals because they cannot manage them.

  • Irfan Manzoor says:

    Yes Adnan, I agree there is this big issue… here… but the store I spoke about has just recently opened about two to three weeks back and this guy has claimed for a lot of things… in a couple of months I’ll get to know his real potential…I’ll keep you updated…

    If we can keep in touch, I’ll keep you updated with this new stores progress. if you can please write to my email id, so that I’ll have your id as well, in this way we can communicate easily.

    Also do let me know a couple of things, you require for your system, I’ll ask this store if they do plan for any such imports. This could give us a good idea for this stores future potential and I hope we could get some sort of a resource for our aquariums needs…

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