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Mr. Saltwater Tank’s Coverage of MACNA 2013 Part 1

The Marine Aquarium Conference of North America (MACNA) celebrated it’s 25 year in 2013 and the event was top-notch. Between a fantastic location (the beach), a trade show hall full of vendors and lots of eye candy, I had plenty to cover in part 1 of my MACNA coverage.

Hint: For the best viewing experience, make sure you watch the show in full HD (1080)

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  • Ingvald Arne Meland says:

    The flamboyant cuttlefish are so cool, seen it in the wild once. Definitely gone need the reeflink for my ecotechs. That overflow looked like something I should had on the new tank (to late 🙁 ).

  • Ingvald Arne Meland says:

    Great show by the way, need lots more. Need to make it some time.

  • jrockflimflam (Jason) says:

    The overflow was cool. The Radeon controller look liked it could do everything but flash dance to a disco beat from my tablet…. or could it ???

  • Bruce (beetle) Bailey says:

    Hey Mark,just quick note,1″= 25mm,awesome vid as usual,love those little cuttle fish, I’ll look into the overflow,I’m just seting up a 4′ acrylic tank,hope they will post one to OZ,Ive found alot of U.S dealers wont ship O S ,looking forward to part 2

  • Ann Marie says:

    Love the cuttle fish. Great show! Will there be a MACNA in San Francisco?! When will you be in town again? Thank you for your books and videos. Ann Marie

  • Pierre - Yves Bouic says:

    To Bruce Bailey, I’m surprised you got an Acrylic tank at all, if you can reply where did you get it from as there is no production of the raw product that I’m aware of in Aust. Maybe the maker got a supply of acrylic sent in a shipping container. I wish someone would start a factory of acrylic for us down here as were limited to glass which has limits good luck.
    Love the MACNA stuff Mark, lots to see and learn, part 2 yes please.

  • kevin pluk says:

    Mark 1″ isn’t 25 cm ;). It’s 2.5 cm ;). Or 2,5 depends on what seperator you use.

    I like the fish in a real big tank it might be fun to have one with big angel fish or so.

  • Brett says:

    Was radions the only led lights there? Was the ghl mitras there?

  • Jeff says:

    Great video Mark, hope to see you next year when MACNA comes through here in Colorado.

  • Mark says:

    The EcoTech Radion / VorTech remote controller looks cool! I would love to be able to switch up the pumps to different speeds and programs!

  • Buddy says:

    Hey.. Mark, nice part 1 can’t wait to see part 2. Did Radion address the issue of what happens to the lights when the power goes out or the controller stops working?

    Seems like they are all interested in how much you can control the colors and output intensity. Does anyone know what effect that has on your fish and corals when your playing with all the different settings? I’m sure its good for them to try and mimic natures settings but they always talk about different colors to show your friends. I get cloud mode and lightning but lets face it people love to push buttons and play with dials. Imagine how stressed we would get, if God decided to say Hey.. I’m going to turn the earths Sun to a blue super star today to show Noah when he comes over for tea today. 🙂
    The water test kiosk looked really cool I hope that catches on. They didn’t say what it would cost the owner or the customer and most of the good LFS’s will check your water for free when you bring it in to them. Does the water test system clean itself to before it starts a new sample?

    Last thing are they ever going to show us tanks that are not the boring straight tank. I have a 120 gallon corner tank because there was no room in my house for a 120 gallon straight tank. The company I bought mine from though had Piano shaped, table top styles, cylinder/column, and multi-curved tanks that looked really cool (all glass of course) and high quality stands to match the tanks. When will tank companies get creative in style and form. A 400 gallon Piano or double bowed tank would look really awesome in that room you have.

    The cuttle fish was really cool 🙂


  • Buddy…the ReefLink writes the program to the Radions so if the ReefLink stops working or loses communication with the Radions, the Radions will continue to run their programming.

    As for fiddling with the colors, if you do extreme color changes or intensity changes, then your fish will get momentarily spooked. The point is not to continually be fiddling with settings, instead, you’ll want to dial in the settings you like, then make tweaks to your programs.

    I’ve always told people that even though LEDs have a high degree of controllability, the point is not to try 10% intensity @ 20K one day, then try 100% intensity @ 5K the next. You want gradual changes. Sure you’ll want to make sudden changes when you are deciding on what color temps and intensities you like, but those decisions can be made within a 5 minute period while you are building your program. Once the program is set, small tweaks are best

  • Kevin O. says:

    That ReefSavvy overflow sure sounds a lot like BeanAnimal’s.

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised someone finally commercialized that idea.

  • ThomasVisionReef says:

    Very good video! I was looking forward to it. I completely MISSED that cuddlefish didn’t even see their booth. Good job!

  • Matt says:

    OK really starting to wish I’d gone come hell or low level top off line! 🙁

  • Richard L says:

    Great video Mark. I was there and didn’t see some of those things. Too much distracting coral I guess.

  • Benjamin says:

    Thanks for checking up on the products you did, I always enjoy your show.
    I’m definitely looking forward to these products.

  • Brett…GHL was there and did not release anything new.

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