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Mr. Saltwater Tank’s Coverage of MACNA 2014 Part 3

In this episode of my MACNA 2014 coverage, I talk to EcoTech Marine, Real Reef Rock and Dr. Tim’s Aquatics.

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  • steve dodd says:

    enjoyed the show but its so annoying looking at equipment that we cant get here in the U.K.. even if you can buy it and get it shipped , the shipping and customs charges are hurrendous

  • Steve..all the equipment in this part of my MACNA coverage has europe distributors. Therefore, your LFS should be able to get any of it

  • steve dodd says:

    Hi Mark , maybe they do , but most of our shops seem to be locked to one of two distributors so when you ask for things , if its not on there distributor list , they cant get it. And the distributors will only sell through a dealer
    Even the manager of my local fish store (who now gets your info after I told him about you) , is not allowed by the shop owners to buy in equipment he sees on different sites. So thats what we are up against in the U.K.
    maybe you should start selling stuff to us here mail order through a cheap route

  • Kevin Jahnke says:

    Steve, it is funny you mention this because sometimes the same goes for this side of the big pond. There is some European equipment that would be nice to see here in the states. And have reasonable costs proper voltage and such. I have looked through UK websites and you all must make a ridicules amount of money to be able to afford this hobby. So I feel your pain.

    Kevin J

  • Bruce Petersen says:

    Enjoyed the MACNA coverage Mark. When does Dr. Tim plan to have his new products in the market?

  • DrTim says:

    Hello Bruce:

    Both the waste-away gel and the fish feed should be available right after the first of the year 2015. Thanks for your interest.

  • Mark says:


    What is the difference between high proformance diet (HPD) and Dr. Tim’s gel food. I really like the concept and I’m always looking for better food options.


  • Mark…both foods are similar in nature and after I got lots of emails saying the maker of the HPD didn’t return emails, I stopped telling people about it. I believe I took the show down as well. Dr. Tim’s food will have better customer service behind it and be more widely available.

  • Simon K. says:

    How’s it going Mark?

    Great Macna coverage. I really would love to hear your thoughts about that Dr. Tim’s gel version of waste away! Maybe in the future if you decide to give it a try. Your opinion would be most appreciated if you decide to use it of course. Great videos, always a pleasure watching.


  • mr.180 says:

    Where can I buy the fish food that (Dr.tims) was talking about ? Went to the website, but couldn’t find it . Thanks.

  • Foxi says:

    Also curious as to where and when to expect products (Waste Away Gel, plus Gel Food)

  • Foxi…I’m told first quarter of 2015

  • Foxi says:

    Thank you Kindly Mark *_~

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