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Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday AM Quick Tip #16: I’m Only For Vacations

It is nice that your skimmer might have one of these, but they aren’t for everyday use.

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  • patrick says:

    Hello Mark,
    PLEASE remember to update us with your tank details, demotions, lights type, Ballast, etc ect.

  • Kevin says:

    Good tip Mark, are you still liking your swc skimmer? I just got one that I will be using on my new 57g rimless setup. Any tips you can give me would be appreicated.

  • daragh jones says:

    Hi mark

    the skimmate in your skimmer seems to be alot lighter colour than mine.

    I have heard of a wet skim and a dry skim but dont really understand the difference

    is this cause for concern


  • Ed says:

    I agree ….unless you’re using a neck cleaner…

  • Esch…neck cleaners.

  • Not a cause for concern. You are just skimming drier than I am. That is, your bubbles stop lower down in the neck so that means less liquid gets removed. A Wet skim dilutes the solids that gets removed with water.

  • Keep it in 8″(ish) of water, and make sure you have an ATO running so the water level is constant.

  • Patrick…I haven’t forgotten about it!

  • Mr. Don says:

    I’ve been reading ur comments and i like a lot of ur replies. my questions is have u used the ASM skimmer/ and if so what do u think about them.

    thanks Mr.Don

  • never used them. I know lots of people that do (Vivid Aquariums uses them). The only thing I don’t like about them is the output tube. Water flows up the tube and spills over the top. With the water spilling over the top, if something touches the output tube, or the skimmer gets too close to the side of your sump, it could dump water out of your sump and create a real mess.

  • Saro says:

    Hey guys

    I’m new in saltwater tank business.
    I have a 75 gallon tank with 90 pounds live rock in there.

    Would I need the blue filtering balls in my sump also? Or the live rocks would do the work

    Thanks guys

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