Mr. Saltwater Tank

Profiling A Reef Junkie

Remodeling a house for a tank, drilling holes through walls…all normal behavior for a reef junkie. This behavior may seem odd to non-aquarists, but to reef junkies, they wouldn’t have it any other way. My friend Mike fits the reef junkie description perfectly and here’s how he lives the reef junkie life.

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  • Jim says:

    We can only dream

  • english steve says:

    nice r/o and outside equipment. Nice hood and sump , but such a small tank , what a shame

  • JasPR says:

    very well thought out and maintained system. A truly committed hobbyist! Well done!

  • @English Steve I would imagine due to the fact that his RO system is outside, space is an issue for him or the maybe he just needs to move the wife outside instead.

  • Chris says:

    He isn’t a reef junkie, he is a reef nerd ☺

  • Ballgame says:


  • Carlos says:

    Since he Likes automation and hidden wires, it looks like the perfect setup for Vortech Wireless powerheads. The current ones are the elephant(s) in the tank.

  • jim says:

    Nice setup. I don’t have all the bells n whistles yet but mixing station and all equipments in a closer behind the tank

  • Me says:

    I agree that equipment needs an upgrade. That is an awesome tank in 1990s

  • mike says:

    great set up don’t understand the negative comments would love that tank and set up in my house

  • Ken says:

    For the setup he has he should have a larger tank to get the full use of the stuff he has.

  • John says:

    This isn’t a new episode. It has been on his channel for a long time.

  • Rick says:

    Excellent filming Mark.
    Beautiful coral, interesting fish.

  • Atul says:

    Is he running a Zeovite tank? I see the Zeo rector in the sump.

  • Jay says:

    I was expecting a new exciting episode. Seen this episode a couple times already.

  • mason says:

    This was filmed in 2010. Good stuff but much has changed in 4 years.

  • Mike says:

    Mark, Thanks for the daily posts and vids. I continue to learn so much. Even if a vid doesn’t apply to what I’m doing right now, it is still good to know and there is always the chance to see others’ tanks! Keep up the good work.

  • Stace says:

    Mr Saltwater time to start putting more back into your shows!!!! I don’t wanna change channels here!! Yawn

  • Josiah says:

    i’m pretty sure mark is going through a big move so he prolly doesn’t have the time to do his normal video routine. anyone that’s actually been keeping up with his vids is aware of that. nice video btw…its one i hadn’t actually seen before but i wasn’t watching in 2010.

  • Rob says:

    This was like clicking on a link for a hot rodded muscle car and being shown a 2010 Altima. You’re much better than this Mr. Saltwater Tank ! Looking forward to seeing your new stuff when the move is done.

  • Rob…just because a show isn’t “hot off the presses” doesn’t mean that it isn’t worthwhile information. There is plenty of shows I’ve done that aren’t new, yet are still contain valuable information that people forget about or have never seen.

  • Laurie says:

    A truly magnificent setup, I can only dream of owning something like this.
    but I am sure it is an inspiration to us all.

  • darren says:

    ya alot has changed in 4 years. ive bought a boat load of equipment and am nowhere near having a tank like this. the equipment and setup is not whats perplexing me. but the health of the system. there seemed to be lots of stuff floating around and the polyp extension was insane. id like to know more about the maintenance routine. im assuming with the outside water station he has it automated. and i didnt see any dosing eqiupment, so water changes are it. and another thing id like to know is how much time was spent working in the tank. i cant seem to keep one coral from killing another but his tank seemed well trimmed. seeing as it was an older video it would be nice to see if “once a reef junkie, always a reef junkie” still holds true today. love to see an update.

  • Hallie says:

    Åh skat.. ville ønske, at jeg kunne tage alle dine smerter selv.. <3 Håber du har nået at sove lidt i nat og du får en rigtig skøn dag i dag. Jeg er så utrolig stolt af dig og elsker dig over alt#0823&; knuz til dig <3

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