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[Reef Junkie Insider Interview Series] Mr. Saltwater Tank Interviews Dr. Kate Rawlinson About Acropora Eating Flatworms

Coral pests come in many forms and the one I fear the most is acropora eating flatworms (AEFW). Not much is known about these pests and very little scientific data exists on how to eradicate and prevent them. In this interview, I sit down with Dr. Kate Rawlinson to discuss her work on the AEFW and how we as hobbyists can help.

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  • Bob says:

    Great interview Mark! Lot of good info. Count me in for a donation!

  • Simon K. says:

    Way to go Mark! Great info, great interview, very informative. Count me in!

  • Drew Stevens says:

    Thanks for another great interview.
    You guys are welcome in Corpus Christi, TX anytime!

    Merry Christmas.. $100. donated!

    And to all a good night….

  • Thanks for your support Drew!

  • Ben says:

    These videos, regarding scientific and empirical work are cementing the steps towards responsible reef keeping. Thanks for unifying scientist and hobbyist.

  • John says:

    Great interview and info given Mark. Can’t wait to see the results of the research. We’ve given.

  • Simon K. says:

    It’s a success! The research project is now fully funded! Great exposure Mark! Great support and very generous contributions from fellow reefers.

  • Artur Fonseca says:

    Great interview and awesome initiative.
    Would like to make a small donation on “The Life Cycle of a Coral Killer: the Acropora-Eating Flatworm” project at to follow news and lab notes. The donation seems to be closed at the moment though, any future opening for donations?
    I just diagnosed AEFW on my reef precisely a week ago, so would be very interested to read and follow the most up to date information and methods to fight this pest.
    All the best wishes.

  • Rich Tinnelly says:

    Hi Mark great interview. Is there an update with this research? I was hoping some information on these pests would have been posted by now.

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