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Replay of The Question and Answer Session With Mr. Saltwater Tank on 5/19/2014

Clams were on the menu this week for the Midday Monday Q&A.

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  • al cappelletti says:

    In you’r show’s that I love to watch on the net, I would love to get a better Idea of what you’r talking about by seeing what you’r talking about…..You need to add photo’s so I can see without any problem’s of what you’r talking about??????????????

  • Randy Weber says:

    Hey….great tang show! I have a 120 gal community reef tank – wrasses, clown, laMark angel, gobie….I’ve tried several tangs naso, purple, powder blue, hippo, sailfin, orange shoulder ( my favorite), but they never live pass two months! They all eat well, only the purple showed signs of ich before dying. I fed them pellets, frozen variety paks, and nori. I run a UV and carbon, GFO, skimmer in sump. What gives? Thanks in advance…


  • Metcho R Corna Jr says:

    I wanted to see if you could help me out. I have a reef tank have two clown fish and on yello tang. the yellow tang died from ick. its been 4 months and only the clowns are in the tank if been feeding the Dr.Gees anti parisitic food for the 4 months. So my question is should I still put the clowns in copper in qt or should the anti parisitic food that iv been feeding them keep the clowns from getting ick on them. Never seen anything on the clowns.
    Please get back to me.

  • shaun m says:

    For me it is more both corals and fish that got me into marines, fascinating inverts and beautiful fish, my tank is only 20g so too small for tangs 🙁 but least it is something to look forward to in the future when I decide to upgrade 🙂

  • Lisa Foster says:

    Hey Mark – thought you might be interested in this article. 🙂

  • Lisa…I’m familiar with the article as Steve co-authored the Quarantine Guide with me.

  • Brenda Brush says:

    Mark, – Really enjoyed the mid day Monday session about Tangs. Maybe in some future shows, you can do the same about Angels – another popular species of fish.
    Thanks for all the great information!

  • steve from England says:

    Hi Mark, 3 things , firstly , I always watch the replay of your show because of the time difference between our countries but your last two replays , including this one stop at 10 mins 45 seconds dead. Any idea why? and i really wanted to watch this one about Tangs.
    Secondly , I have 2 tangs , a sailfin and a yellow , They are in seperate tanks at the moment but I am building a large tank and want to put them together. Will this work if i put them in at the same time so they dont claim the territory. By the way The yellow tang is now 7 , yes seven years old and is only fed on Algae pellets and Nori.
    And third and finally , If Tangs dont like each other and fight in tanks , then why do they swim in big shoals in the sea and dont fight ?. Never understood that one

  • Davi says:

    Hey Mark, I really love the Kole Tang. I have a 75 gallon which in the next 6 months will be upgraded to a 180. I have a hippo tang, diamond goby, yellow tail damsel, cleaner goby and a sailfin tang. In the last month alone i lost 2 kole tangs. the first one survived for 7 days and died. then I looked at all my other fish and thought maybe he had been sick and died. then i went back to the store and purchased another kole tang plus the sailfin tang. the sail fin is very skinny. he is interested in food but spits it out so i’m not sure how much he is taking in. and the kole tang died after 8 days. again same thing. Swimming fine, eating fine, he was constantly picking at the glass and rocks like koles do but died. and i’m very upset about this because my water parameter are perfect. Salinity 1.025, ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrates .20 phosphates .25 (little high but i am doing 10gal water changes weekly w/ bulkreef suply RO/DI water and can’t seem to get it to lower) and all the other fish are fine so I don’t know what to do. I hear koles are hardy fish and easy to keep. but i just lost 2 of them. :(:(:(

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