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Replay of The Question and Answer Session With Mr. Saltwater Tank on 9/17/2014

This week’s Q&A was all about soft corals including care and my recommendations for easy to keep soft corals


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  • andrew says:

    i have to dissagree with your stance on xenia. it is actually very easy to remove, and very easy to control. also it sounds like maybe you are referring to xenia and anthellia as the same thing. anyways, same principle follow xenia/anthellia as GSP, isolate it on a rock to prevent it from getting to where you dont want it. GSP is MUCH MUCH harder to remove off rock than xenia.

  • anthony marshall says:

    Yes , some of us started with soft corals ,loved them so much we were happy to keep an attractive aquarium that didnt cost the earth or took up our every waking minute. I wish people who have gone on to keep sps corals only wouldnt slag off the things they themselves used to keep and enjoy

  • shaun, UK says:

    I’ve got a blue cespitularia (part of the xenia family…found it hard to prenounce the name for a while) and it is beautiful coral and apparently hard to get 🙂 I got some xenia in my 20g nano and all heads are pulsing, it gives the tank some character seeing all this motion and I think scientists are still working out what makes them pulse when there is no bone or muscle. Thanks to my LFS not pointing it out there was a colony of lime coloured star corals with a thick pink crust that I can peel off the rock and it have stung a bit of my xenia too

  • nick says:

    Andrew, The trubble with XENIA is that it can remove itself, or part of itself and float around your tank till it finds a nice spot, maybe somewhere that is hard to reach. In a nano tank if the rocks are not stuck together then maybe you coud remove the rock, and scrape of the coral. If you just cut it off then it will just grow back!!!. You need to put glue, or reef safe putty over any bit of coral left, to starve it out.

  • Lisa Foster says:

    I hear some zoa keepers have had good results from dosing vitamin C.

  • Lisa Foster says:

    I love your Q&A’s and have been seriously missing them!! Glad to see they’re back!

  • Barbara says:

    I heard you say don’t feed soft corals, Is goniopora included in that? What about Torch? Thanks

  • Jason says:

    Barbara – Goniopora and Torch corals aren’t softies. They are LPS corals. Everyone I know says feeding Goniopora corals is a must. Not as sure on Torch corals.

  • slugwall says:

    I still have softies in my tank, xenias are awesome! I have never had them grow out of control so I can’t speak to that aspect. But they sure do make the waving look amazing.

  • Barbara…Jason has it right in that goni’s and torches aren’t soft corals. Goni’s I recommend you feed. Torches will be fine without food if they have sufficient light

  • Joseph Andrew Maliberan says:

    I read in an article over the web that placing a xenia in a high flow area will make it reproduce faster. Is it true? 😀

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