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Sexy Is Back and It Brought A New Guide With It

After being on assignment for 6 months, the sexy tank has returned and brought a new guide with it

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  • joey…toadstool leather coral

  • jvf305 says:

    i was wondering what the dimensions of your sexy tank are. I have been told that column tanks dont make good reef tanks. because of space provisions im limited to certain tanks in my living room. i have access to a 56 gallon column tank that is 30w 18d and 24h. do you think this would be a successful reef tank?

  • Jv…the sexy tank sis 20x20x20. The tank you are describing isn’t overly a “column” tank in my opinion. I think it would be fine.

  • jvf305 says:

    That makes me feel much better. Thanks Mark.

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