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So Close, You Can Almost Touch Them: The Fish Of MACNA 2012

Listening to the call of my loyal (yet bored) fans who are riding out Hurricane Sandy, I’ve put together some unique footage of some of the fish @ MACNA 2012.  The question is, which shot do you like best?  The …

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Mr. Saltwater Tank TV Friday Am Quick Tip #88: I’m Sorry, But That’s Just Not My Color

Sheet algae, also known as nori, is a great food to feed your saltwater fish.  Just like humans, some fish have preferences so here’s how to find out what your fish like (and don’t like)

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My 90g Reef Tank: The Live Stuff, The Dead Stuff and Where I Am Now

In part 2 of the tour of my 90G mixed reef tank, I take you into the display part of my system. You’ll see the colorful, the not so colorful, what I killed and where my tank sits today.

You’ll …

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