Mr. Saltwater Tank

The Livestock Side of Mr. Saltwater Tank’s 375g Tank

You’ve seen the equipment, now it is time to move onto the living and breathing part of my new 375 gallon tank.

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  • Pam says:

    Nice Tank! I have the yellow and hippo tang can’t wait to get a couple more. I saw a bleeny and firefish I have those also and some gobies and a cadinal saw hin in your tank. I have a few question I want to set up a 150as a refugium for the 240. The 240 is 72L 24W 31D. I would likr to put it in the bedroom behind the 240 and almost as high as the 240. My husband says that if we put vavles to regulate the water flow that it would work. Ant advice? Also with my tank dimension could I get away with using 3 radions for the time being and add on as I get corals that need higher lighting. I run my 90 under t5 and the corals are growing and healthy.I dont use anything but phyoplankton and purple up on my tank now.I have mandarins so have to keep them well fed. I will just have macroalea and sand in the refugium copods. thinking of putting seahorses in there bristlworms I get rid of some but will always have some can’t get them all and they don’t bother anything because i feed real well lol So give this newbie some advise. Always willing to learn

  • Luke says:

    Awsome tank! I’m surprised you have algae with all of the tangs (even with high nutrients).

    Have there been any updates on the saltwater pond?

  • Kevin says:

    Nice video Mark! Since you mentioned bio pellets, if I may ask, what are your nitrates at?

  • corocora says:

    Great show Mark, and especially entertaining for us Nano people who are limited in our choices by necessity because of lack of room. I enjoy the challenge of making my small volume be the best it can be, but really enjoy seeing a reef tank displaying so much more, and in a beautiful, healthy way. Thanks for the part you play in keeping the hobby interesting by your sharing.

  • Luis says:

    Epic Tank! What do you keep your Alk at running Bio Pellets?

  • Jessica says:

    Absolutely awesome.
    Just a little tidbit, you “labeled” the pink spotted watchman goby as a spotted mandarin.

  • Jessica…well crap. thanks for the heads up.

  • Justin says:

    Where did you get that tee… I must have one! lol

  • Justin…I get all my shirts from this place

  • veeral says:

    Hey mark, have u used live rock or dried?????? since iv been too busy due to work, i had to giveup my reef tank, but im going for a big fowlr, i want u to suggest me should i go for dry rock or live? im jus adding a gbta, might add gsp and toadstool max. ill jus do wc monthly or maybe never and jus add supplements for replenishing stuff. too much caught up with work, also my plan is to go for some of the beautiful non reef safe fishes since they r too beautiful to resist……

  • Beth says:

    Autopsy? Holy cow! You must have friends 🙂

  • Mike says:

    Technically the correct term is necropsy, not autopsy. 😉
    By the way, awesome tank!

  • Adam Baggett says:

    The tank is looking great Mark. I am looking forward to watching things grow out.

  • Lisa Foster says:

    A note about the dragonet: brine shrimp really is not nutrient-dense enough to properly sustain them long-term. If you can get him eating mysis instead or at least with the brine, do so. An occasional bottle of live copepods (tisbe is probably best, especially in a high-flow tank, and you can get them from under live foods) is also very helpful for their long-term health.

    I picked up that little tidbit while researching the best way to care for my little mandarin dragonet, Spike. LOVE this fish, but at $30 a month or so for pods – and he’s still growing – I will not be buying one again without being completely sure it eats frozens. I’ll be training Spike to frozens, assuming he doesn’t figure it out himself, once I finally get my voracious pair of ocellaris clowns moved to my planned 125g reef. 🙂

  • Matt says:

    I cannot begin to describe the voluminous degree of jealousy I feel when I think about all the coral you’re going to get to buy… The sheer joy of selecting, deciding upon and then finally choosing would have me drooling like a demented idiot on an overly warm day!

    Enjoy Mark … and don’t forget the photo’s for the before and in twelve months feature you’ll be doing … yes you will … you don’t have a choice 😉

    Cheers for yet another round of inspiring ideas and honest reefing… Always refreshing to see a real person sharing what they have, warts and all …. 🙂

  • Thanks Matt and you are right about the photos. I believe you can’t take enough photos especially when your tank is new and young. I wish I had more of my 90g when I started it and of my original saltwater tank back in the 1980’s.

  • Mark H. says:

    Mark, it is nice to see some “old school” corals in your tank. Makes me want to start up my 125 gallon again… 🙂

  • Carlos D says:

    Great tank…been watching it come together…I noticed you ended up with a canopy.

    Question where did you get the photosynthetic gorgonian?


  • Brenda Brush says:

    Hi Mark,
    Wow! I really enjoy watching your tank videos. This livestock one has given me some inspiration for my new 180 in the planning stage. I do love the corals, but I guess I’m a fish girl at heart. (pisces you know 😉
    Will be ordering the NNG to Marine Fish….for a better understanding of the quarantine process. Must confess to using only sporadically, in the past….
    Thanks for all your efforts!

  • Jason says:

    How are you keeping your nutrients artificially inflated?

  • Jason…i feed my fish a lot.

  • Matt says:

    A Lot? With that tank and your filtration are you using a spade!?!

  • Oh Matt…you are one funny Brit! I was feeding multiple times a day.

  • Matt says:

    Again I have to ask … with a shovel? Oh wait… cruise control … you rigged up a conveyor belt I bet! 😀

  • michael wenham says:

    Hi Mark. What do you feed your goni?

  • Lucas says:

    Hi Mark I’m just wondering what happened to clams? What happened to the clown tang? Can you maybe show us your quarintine system? Thanks.

  • Dorie says:

    Got me a new condylactis anemone base look good no tears but will not attach to anything just kinda rolls around. Should I try to secure it or just let it find its way.

  • joshhoel says:

    Mark have to say you inspire. But have a question I have been going through 1 gallon milk jugs that keep creeping(baking soda) or leaking calcium. Where did you get your tall skinny 1 gal containers from, have been looking all over ready to set up a drip system for maintaining alk, calf and mag.

  • joshhoel says:

    PLEASE HELP not a lot of space and my better half is starting to get perturbed with the fish mess.

  • joshhoel….bulk reef supply

  • Aaron says:

    Very nice Mark! I’ve been looking forward to an update.

    I had the same thing happen with my Female Bellus Angel. Then it turned into a male Bellus Angel!! Unfortunately, he had to go because he was picking on my favorite fish (a hippo tang).

  • robert moshier says:

    just out of curiosity, where did you get the manderin at? a lfs?

  • robert moshier says:

    also, how are you getting fish from proaquatix? i checked out their web page and it said they are wholesale only and don’t sell to hobbyists.

  • robert moshier…I got the mandarin from Live Aquaria’s Diver’s Den. As for the ProAquatix fish, I am a retailer for everything saltwater with a business license and resale certificate so I’m allowed to open an account with ProAquatix.

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