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Want Your Saltwater Tank Overhauled? Here’s How To Put Your Name In The Hat

The response from my “Ultimate Tank Overhaul” show has been overwhelming so I teamed up with someone to give you the chance to have your tank overhauled.

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  • Donald Farrish says:

    Would like to put my name in the hat for a tank overhaul on your show.

    Thank you,

  • Alisha says:


    Is there any way to enter the “Ultimate Tank Overhaul” without having a facebook account?


  • Abe Fisher says:

    Pick me. My tank could use some help. Green hair algae issue.

  • Chris Budhu says:

    I would like to be chosen as I am in the fresh water side of the hobby and want to make the full switch to the marine side of the hobby. 75 gallon all glass reef ready tank.


  • Robert Taylor says:

    I would love to put my name on the list to be in the tank overhaul, but the link is broke.

  • eric jeffries says:

    So would love my tank over hauled but it wont let me upload from my cellphone my 55 hob everthings look pitiful but ill get there one day maybe lol

  • Randy Scott says:

    Please put my name in the hat for the overhaul.

  • I fixed the link Robert.

  • Randy, Abe and Chrisā€¦as discussed in the video, you put your name in hat @ Entries are not accepted via any other method

  • Patrick Thomann Jr. says:

    Mark, I have been struggling with my tank for about 2 years. I almost gave it up, but did not because my love for the hobby is to much to just give up on. I have done everything i can afford to do but just cant seem to get what is needed done. you helped me get my tank temporarily going with the Tunze stream box and skimmer in a 55 gal tank with all new rock because i could not get the Nitrate and Phosphate’s down in the old tank. i still fight it rising now and when i did the switch i lost 2 of my 6 fish then shortly after i added one more fish and that fish brought something in to my tank and killed it and one more of my original fish so all of that has left me with only 2 fish in the tank and scared shitless to put any more in.. I know Quarantine, Quarantine, Quarantine!!! i’m learning. any way im the one you spoke to about me setting up a used 180 tank and you advised me to wait till i had the money to do it all at once. well its been about a year and i have never gotten to the point that i could afford it. i would love to get it running. it would be amazing to have something like this.. Please put my name in to the Hat for the tank over haul. I just want to make it a real reef tank that i can watch grow and flourish.

  • Hi Mark,
    2 years ago I bought a used 180 tank with a diy canopy and stand. I put in new aragonite sand and live rock. Then cycled like normal. I put some fish in from my old 120. Everything looked go so I added a few softies to get things started. They died overnight. I checked thewater chem..480c,8.7alk,0.1phos,nitrates 1,mag1350,temp 78 ,AVI T5s everything seemed right. I tried again corals died in hours. I had my water checked by three different stores everything seemed right, no copper either. After about $200 worth of of corals I was about to give up. I put a serpent star in, died in 13 seconds. This had gone on for a year of trying everything the 6 fish I had were fine. I decided to start over. As I took the substrate out I noticed nails in the substrate. The man I bought the tank,canopy and stand from used a nail gun to put it together and the nails were falling into the sand. I put the fish in a small tank and and threw away the substrate, washed the skimmer, powerheads with vinegar. Bleached the rocks. I put the tank back together, new substrate, rock well rinsed cycled the water and put the fish in. Water chem right. Added some frags did ok but not much growth. My ro/di was 0. I then found out my 75 gallon sump was setup wrong. I followed a lfs design. Its been 7 months now alot of frags slow or no growth. I overfeed my corals I think because I got a big cyano bloom. I syphoned out the cyano did a 40% WC. Turned off the lights for 3 days, helped some. I started to use the dr tims waste away. it helped some still a cyano problem. If anything I under feed now. No change, still slow growth cyano around. I was going to downgrade back to a 120 (it was nice problems) Any ideas?

  • Adam D. says:

    Hi Mark!

    I want to win the ULTIMATE TANK OVERHAUL! I bought a “uni” 50 gal tank a year ago and still haven’t decided if it was a good idea or not. It’s not easy finding parts for upgrades that fit cleanly in the tank (uv sterilizer, skimmer, etc). I’ve always had algae and aiptasia problems even after investing in copperband butterfly fish and peppermint shrimp. And now I currently have some kind of worm issue which has stung and killed my coral colonies of zoanthids, hammer and goniopora. Im nearly bald with frustration! I’m ready to dump my tank and start over, but I’d rather GET IT OVERHAULED!!!

  • Matt says:

    Heeeey … that phone cover looks familiar …

    Good luck to all that enter… šŸ™‚

    I’d enter but I’m scared of change…ie I’m not moving over the pond šŸ˜›

  • Vic Brincat says:

    Just starting a complete tank overhaul on my 130. Moving up to a custom built 370g with 100g sump. Using Apex unit to control two 2400g return pumps, Reef Octopus skimmer, Bio, GFO and Carbon reactor, dosing, ATO, etc.

  • Tristan says:

    I like the idea of this contest as I have not had much success with my tank and I can’t afford many things for my tank (i.e. good lighting ,protein skimmers,and return pumps) and due to the nature of being 17 I can’t find a job anywhere but even at that I still love my tank and I plan on staying in the hobby. Its a bummer I can’t enter the contest due to age but maybe there will be something like this in the future that I will be able to enter.

  • Tristanā€¦your parents can enter on your behalf if you are under 18. Don’t count yourself out!

  • Rachael says:

    Great Offer, doing overhauls is 90% of our business. There are so many aquariums out there that need a fresh new look.

  • Jim says:

    Not Fair I live in Australia

    We don’t have people like Mark Callahan over here
    Who really do care about the marine industry
    cry cry cry

  • Hello Mark, how would you enter if you do not have a facebook account? I work in IT and I never have any plans on having a Facebook account.

    Can I have someone else use there facebook account to enter on my behalf?

  • Lindzy says:

    I’d like put put my husband Jimmy’s name in the hat. He got a tank about 6-8 months ago, and he loves it. He takes care of it diligently. Learning and doing things to it…it is beautiful and loved by everyone who views it. The only thing is that we can’t really afford to put the coral and the fish that he’d like to, so it’s kinda half-way finished at the moment. He is the best guy in the whole entire world, and would completely deserve a tak overhaul.

  • Lindzy, Christopher & othersā€¦Entries are only accepted on the Facebook entry page. I realize not everyone wants a Facebook account and you’ll need one to enter. Just create an account, enter the contest and once the contest is over delete the account.

  • My question is are you traveling to other states? I am in Mississippi on the Gulf Coast so I was just wondering if you were just doing it in your area or all over?

  • Linda..I’m open to traveling all over!

  • Justin neibert says:

    Can you please check out my video i worked really hard on it and need my tanked overhauled

  • Justinā€¦make sure you enter via this link. Entries are only accepted on that page.

  • jrockflimflam says:

    I do NOT want to put my name in the hat as I am not ready to upgrade my tank due to tons of other reasons. I just wanted to say I think your great, the overhaul thing is great, and I love watching your videos. Keep up the outstanding work. When I am ready I will for sure contact you for your expertise.

  • Justin Neibert says:

    Sorry I just realized that, my bad i just put it into the contest on my facebook page.

  • Justin Neibert says:

    Sorry I just realized that, my bad i just put it into the contest on my facebook page. I should have scrolled up.

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