5 Items for Fool-Proof Tank Sitting

It is summer time in the northern hemisphere and that means trips to the beach, road trips and time away from your tank. Nothing can ruin a vacation like coming home to a tank that’s been ruined by something going wrong with you are gone, so here are 5 things you must have to make sure your tank runs smoothly while you are away:

#1 Tank Buddy

I’m not talking about your neighbor next door. You need an experienced friend who knows his/her way around tanks. Hint: make sure your friend is your tank personality, or one above you – i.e. if you are reef enthusiast, find another reef enthusiast or a reef junkie, but not a tank dabbler.

#2 Extra Saltwater

Have it mixed up and ready to go. Hint: Make sure you put “saltwater” clearly on the bucket. Remember – K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) applies here !

#3 Extra Top off Water

Again, have it mixed up (if you put anything in it) and clearly mark it “RO” or “Top off water”.

#4 Clear instructions with a Backup Plan

Even though you’ll be using a similar tank personality as you for your tank sitter, write your care instructions such that a non-tank keeper could understand and use them. Hint: let your neighbor read them and watch them go through the steps to test them for clarity. Yes, it sounds like a lot to do, but its your tank on the line here – it will be worth it if you ever need them.

#5 Extra Equipment

If something goes wrong with your tank, it could be hours before your tank buddy finds out about it, so when minutes count, it is good to have spare equipment on hand. My friend recently left the country and his power went out at his house. His son dropped by to check on the house and immediately called the tank sitter, but it was hours before the sitter could gather up the right equipment. Read here for what to have on hand at all times.

Vacations are meant to be relaxing time away from your every day life. By implementing the steps above, you can leave your tank behind and rest assured that you will come home to the same tank even if something goes wrong.

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